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Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty  (R.A)  (Persian/Urdu: خواجہ معین الدین چشتی )  also known as Gharib Nawaz (Urdu: غریب نواز ), is the most

famous Sufi saint of the Chishti Order of South Asia. He is also known as "Sultan-e-Hind".

Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti was born in Asfahan and brought up in Sanjar, Persia, in the year 530 AH / 1135 AD. He was the

son of Khwaja Ghiyas Uddin Hasan and Bibi Mah Nur. In 544 AH / 1150 AD, his father passed away leaving him a garden and a

grinding stone as inheritance. Soon thereafter, Khwaja Sahib came in touch with a mystic, Hazrat Ibrahim Qandoozi. The meeting

bought about a noticeable change in his condition and he became absorbed in the search for Truth. He sold his inheritance and left for Khorasan.

Khwaja Moin-uddin Hasan Chisti (R.A) occupies a prominent place among the spiritual Healers of the world.

In his temperament as in the circumstance of his life Khwaja Sahib was destined for an extra ordinary career.

Into a tottering civilization, fraught with material acquisition, which guaranteed no safety to human life and which conferred no spiritual freedom on human beings he burst forth all the masterful force of his personality, There is a complete blending of greatness and grace, mediation and action precept, practice, indifference of the mystic and idealism of a Saint.

He stands for all that is true, Beautiful and Noble..


The sources of this power may be traced to his own exceptional endowments..Throughout his life, he exhibited the noble traits of character so peculiar to the house of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) to which he belonged. 


Gharib Nawaz Ki Chokhat ka Ek Adna Ghulam

Sufi Peer Baba Syed Sameer Chishty (Shah) Saheb 

teri jaat-e-paak se mera gehra talluk hai ,
mai bada gharib or tu bada gharib nawaz hai

Gharib Nawaz ki chokhat ka ek adna ghulam

Sufi Peer Baba Syed Sameer Chishty (Shah) Saheb
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